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Exceptional video production for all your video storytelling needs. 
Whether you're looking for product and brand videos, documentaries or corporate interviews,
I work with your team to create visual stories that showcase your story and brand in the most innovative and compelling way. 

SITUATION.NET was founded in 1998, during the initial San Francisco tech boom.
My idea was to provide technology solutions, which at the time involved setting up websites, designing  networks and trying to stay ahead of the curve by promoting productive workflows, and telling the stories of small businesses. 

Through the years I've worked for technology and renewable energy groups, focusing on video production and technology.  I'm a network engineer who loves to shoot and produce videos,  My time at Adobe, Sungevity Solar, Unison Home and other companies, has been spent perfecting these skills.

Since the Covid-19 has struck, we've created videos that address this issue and worked with Contra Costa schools to better their distance learning capability.  If you have a story to tell, we can team up with you; write a script, plan and execute a video shoot and edit and publish your video in a variety 

of locations.


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